Our Pack

Our Pack and Yours

Wolf Pack Cleaners is a locally owned and operated small business founded on the pinnacle of great American and family values. Here at Wolf Pack Cleaners, you will receive outstanding Commercial and Residential services that a wolf pack can offer.

We thrive on helping others, whether it’s our customers who need quality work or employees who need a great place to work. Unsatisfied employees tend to lead to unsatisfied customers. This company was partially started to provide people in need of a good place to work, a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere with great pay.

As the founder of Wolf Pack Cleaners, my goal is not to get rich. Rather, it is to give where money is needed, such as charities that help save children’s lives or providing employees with outstanding bonuses. Again, we thrive on helping others. As a customer, you are part of the Wolf Pack family and the reason lives will be changed.

Mike Highfield

My name is Michael Highfield, and I am the founder of Wolf Pack Cleaners. I learned the value of hard work at a very young age. I am married to my lovely wife, Lauren. We have five children: Brianna, Kelsey, Clayton, Noah, and Emilia, along with five grandchildren: Kayson, Aidyn, Journey, Elliot, and Maya. As well as my son-in-law, Logan. I look at this “pack” and couldn’t be prouder of the family God has given me. Love for each other, fellow man, country, and wonderful family values is all you’ll find here.

Our Team

Logan Fudge


Kelsey Fudge


Bree Highfield

Service Manager

Lauren Highfield