Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We are insured so that the customer can rest easy if an accident were to occur while employees are on site.

With our service being 100% customizable, we will clean as frequently or seldom as you would like. All that matters to us is that you are comfortable and satisfied with the service you are provided.

You can either pay by check or card. We ask that cash not be given to employees, as this makes them liable if it were to go missing between you and the office. If you must pay cash, please call (417) 619-3086 to schedule a pickup. You can either drop the check off at the office or leave it on the counter for the service manager to collect. If you use a card, card info will be charged for payment after the completion of service. We will have online pay accessible in the near future.

Wolf Pack Cleaners uses its own supplies, but you pick the products that are used for your property. If you decide to have our products used, you can breathe easy, knowing we only use the safest and best products in the cleaning industry. MSDS will always be provided for each of our products upon request.

We require at least a 24hr notice for reschedule or cancellations. There will be a $45 dollar charge if there is no prior notice or our employees are locked out, and we can not get in contact with you. However, if you do wake up the day of your cleaning, and you are sick, please call (417) 619-3086 immediately, and we can work to get you rescheduled.

We offer a National Average cost for cleaning services for different circumstances. You can use that guide to get a ballpark figure of what to expect about the cost. Each customer will be unique, especially since we offer an extensive customizable plan, but you can call (417) 619-3086 anytime and explain your ideas and receive a quote. You can also fill out our contact form in the contact portion of the website and receive a written quote.

Yes! We service all of Lawrence and Greene County. We service all western Christian county including Ozark area. Not only that, but we also service northern Barry and Stone county.

No, as long as there is a way to access inside the property. However, if it makes you more comfortable to have someone on site, you are more than welcome to do so. If you do provide a key or code, it is kept secure and only known by the founder and service manager. We are insured for employees and property of the customer.

We provide a check sheet to employees to fill out after the completion of each job and viewed by the service manager. Each Check sheet is specific and unique to each customer, containing specific products to use on the property, a chore list and any other specific requests made by the customer. 

Yes! We do not remove or relocate objects in the area of cleaning. 

  • Make sure your property is accessible to the cleaning crew. Make sure there is a key or code provided for the service manager to use to gain access to the property.
  • Turn off alarm or make sure code is provided to Founder or Service Manager.
  • Have areas picked up and surfaces cleared of objects to the best of your ability. Put away all valuables and cherished items. Limited Liability protection for valuables and non-replaceable items.
  • Customer has 30 days to report any loss or damaged items for replacement or repair. After 30 days, customer assumes liability.
  • Let us know how we are doing. Please fill out a Customer Service Evaluation that is left at the time of service, or submit comments online.

Absolutely! Your business and satisfaction is very important to us. If the quality of work isn’t to your expectation, contact us within 24hrs and the founder or service manager will meet you to make arrangements to rectify the situation. If you love the work provided, please make it known, so others and the employees know what the “Pack” did for you.